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Who we are?

DUBEY BROTHERS E-WASTE MANAGEMENT PVT LTD is the most renowned e-waste recycling center in Jharkhand — specializing in holistic recycling solutions for individuals and businesses nationwide. Since 2000, we have simplified the recycling process through our wide range of services, and are highly equipped to accept a variety of recyclable materials.

At DUBEY BROTHERS E WASTE MANAGEMENT PVT LTD, e-waste recycling is our business. Since 2000, our dedicated staff has been offering safe, convenient recycling services to residents in Jharkhand . 

Recycling of electronics our recycling facilities were designed to handle large volumes of materials on a daily basis. At DUBEY BROTHERS E WASTE MANAGEMENT PVT LTD, we strive to simplify your recycling efforts and are here to answer any questions you have about specific materials. 

Fighting For Planet
If the current rate of unusable electronics goods continues, it will take less than 100 years to destroy all the rainforests on the earth.
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Our Vision & Values

Today, though, a growing amount of e-waste is not considered to be products that have stopped working or become obsolete.

Technological advances are coming at us at such a dizzying speed that a lot of electronic devices that still work fine are the ones considered obsolete.

If a product is powered electronically and someone thinks they can create a better version, that contributes to e-waste.

And we care about this because, for years now, unwanted electronic devices have been filling landfills across the globe

Less Pollution is the Best Solution

Now, we lack the fresh air to breathe, fresh water to drink, fresh land to get healthy crops, and peaceful environment to sleep. We are bearing all that because of our negligence and carelessness. We have to work hard continuously to get natural fresh environment to get real physical and mental comfort. We have to get control over this demon and save life here by planting more trees, well managing wastes electronics, computers etc. 

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